At Staals Trading we want to teach companies to look at their wire ropes in a different way. We are keen to create a transition in the market and prioritise value for the customer.
Two essential elements in doing so are cost and safety.

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Keeping costs to a minimum

Thanks to its precision in engineering and excellent product development Diepa guarantees lower costs and minimum downtime for the crane (total cost of ownership). Thanks to the long service life of Diepa wire ropes, they require less regular replacement.

“Our mission is to teach customers to consider wire ropes as part of a full package. For we believe that if you look at this in a different way, you get much more value as a company. Both in terms of safety and costs!” – Tim Theyskens & Dirk Boerboom,, managing directors at Staals Trading. 

Safety, one of our key priorities

Safety in the hoisting and lifting industry is invaluable. Wire ropes are a very important part of the machinery. Providing people with a safe working environment is therefore our number-one priority.

We start with your needs and collaborate very closely. Not from a distant office, but on site.

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Greater safety and profit? Experience the impact of Diepa for yourself.

Your super-strong specialist

Managing directors Tim Theyskens and Dirk Boerboom have been in the hoisting and lifting industry for 15 years already. Tim and Dirk’s focus lies on relieving the worry for customers by providing excellent service whereby a very short delivery time is central. Thanks to their extensive expertise in the hoisting and lifting industry, Tim and Dirk advise customers according to their individual needs, helping them to optimise their operations.


“We don’t believe in one-off transactions. It is the long-term customer relations that lead the way in the company’s management.” – Tim Theyskens & Dirk Boerboon, managing directors Staals Trading.